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Design Elements

As wedding & event vendors, we love to do photo shoots. Why, you ask? Not only do we get to work with some fabulous people, but it’s probably one of the few times that money is generally not an issue.

Most vendors donate their time and services to the shoot, knowing they will reap the benefits later. The designs are meant to catch the attention of potential clients. With only a few tables or areas of a venue to decorate, the possibilities are limited only by imagination and item availability.

For example, take a look at this fabulous photo shoot from Rrivre Works and Roberta Karsch Resource One. It’s not often you see an Eiffel Tower at a wedding or event, but it certainly catches your eye doesn’t it? Without it, the design would still be stunning, but the other smaller elements would stand out.

When designing your next event, think about what items you can incorporate that will catch your guests eye. It’s not necessary to go big, but do go fabulous! xoxoxo


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Save the Date Wedding & Event Design

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