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Bridal Showers

Happy Thursday! We’ve been talking about bridal showers all week. It’s interesting that often we initially look at a tablescape only from eye level – meaning we only see it from our individual vantage point. Have you given consideration to what your tables would look like from other angles such as up close or from above? When designing your decor, for a bridal shower or any other event, try to look at it from all angles. Think of what the camera will see. You’ll be amazed at the perspective it gives you.

Our photo of the day comes to us from our friends at Rrivre Works Inc., (who we simply adore!). The table is a unique shape, which adds interest to the design, but look at how beautiful it is photographed from above! Notice how the shape and colors of the place settings and the chair cushions play off of each other, in contrast to the shape of the table. Did you also notice there are no linens on this table? If you have a table that is beautiful on it’s own, why cover it? Let it’s natural beauty shine through! Love, love, love! xoxoxoxo!!


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